Join the S4Fashion Inspiration Circle on June 16 at 17:00

Join our monthly S4Fashion Inspirational Circles to listen to the stories of the designers, entrepreneurs and driving forces behind sustainable and circular fashion brands. These innovators will talk about their journey, lessons learnt, best-practices, do’s and don’ts from their own experience. 

This session will focus on building brand awareness for circular and sustainable fashion brands/businesses.

This session will be co-hosted by Patrick Duffy and Ingrid Willems.
John Pistakis, co-founder of 3QUARTERS and Soraya Wancour, CEO and co-founder of Studio AMA will share their stories, how they started their business and built their sustainable fashion brand.

Meet Soraya, CEO and co-founder of Studio AMA:

Studio AMA is an incubator for alternative concepts within the fashion industry. For each step in  the process, an answer is formulated to the question of how to make it as sustainable and ethical as possible.

ecological - locally produced - short chain - gender-inclusive - socially responsible – fair trade – body positive – zero waste – circulair – made in Belgium – eco friendly – slow fashion – …

AMA - Latin imperative for "to love". To do something because it is the right thing to do – without having to ask questions. To act and to create from a personal conviction and desire. 

Soraya Wancour is a designer and became an entrepreneur through her Start-up Studio AMA. She worked in the high- and low-end fashion as well as the textile industry. She strives for an alternative within the fashion industry that is all too often built on exploitation of people and the environment. She is building a social and circular business model to further revolutionise the industry.

The AMA collection is made of residual materials from the local textile industry. The design is adapted to the possibilities of the local social workshop, where the clothes are made by people with a disconnection from the regular job market.

Meet John, co-founder of 3QUARTERS:

3QUARTERS is an innovative sustainable fashion brand founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece. Focusing on upcycled fashion accessories and committed to the principles of sustainable design, they work intentionally on small-scale production and try to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially, and environmentally conscious fashion.

''We are sensitive about the environment, aware of the fashion industry’s impact on it, and the endless cycle of quick consumption and discarding of products. A Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion industry environmentally and socially is our dream. We work with international organizations, like the Fashion Revolution movement, to promote a responsible shift in production and consumption of fashion products. We collaborate with like-minded brands and shops around the world. Upcycling locally reclaimed materials and applying a zero-waste policy, we innovate and conserve at the same time. There’s always more to do and all we can promise is to do our best. And always try to improve.''

John is the co-founder of 3QUARTERS. He has a background in photography and web development and is also a part of the sustainable brand Théla. In 2020, he was on the jury panel of the EU Social Innovation Competition “Re-imagine Fashion”. He spends most of his time between Athens and London and is responsible for communications, strategy and most practical things.

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