S4F Inspiration Circle - Building Vibrant Ecosystem

Event date: 2022-10-13T17:00:00+02:00


The S4Fashion consortium invites all selected projects and their projects’ team members as well as the broader S4Fashion community to a series of inspiring talks and networking events. The aim of the S4F Inspiration Circles is to showcase the S4F pilots, to share best practices and to encourage interact among all members of the circular and sustainable fashion ecosystem.

During this event, we will share best practices about building vibrant ecosystems. This event will be co-hosted by Ingrid from DataScouts and Tessa from Lottozero.

Tessa will tell us more about Future Textile Net, an exchange program between European creative hubs operating in the field of textile design and art. The main objective is the presentation of best practices , the exchange of know-how, information on infrastructures, data, networks and the planning of a roadmap towards an exchange network that also involves other creative hubs dedicated to textiles across Europe. .

Isabel Berz will introduce Las Manuelas, initiated in 2010 as part of a cooperation program coordinated by the Peruvian organization Movimiento Manuela Ramos. The goal was and still is to empower women in rural regions: alpaca herders and artisans from the Andean highlands of Puno. Las Manuelas offers limited editions of unique hand knitted scarves and blankets, co-created by the artisans collective in Puno in collaboration with artists and designers from all over the world. Each piece is realized by one woman with love and precision, using the natural alpaca wool of their own animals: a complete traceable and sustainable process.

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