S4F Inspiration Circle - Pitching: Do's and Don'ts

Event date: 2022-12-08T17:00:00+01:00


Join us for yet another S4Fashion Inspiration circle to learn about

Pitching: Do's and Don'ts

Thu, 8th Dec 2022,
05:00PM - 06:30PM

Join our monthly S4Fashion Inspirational Circles to listen to the stories of the designers, entrepreneurs and driving forces behind sustainable and circular fashion brands. These innovators will talk about their journey, lessons learnt, best-practices, do’s and don’ts from their own experience. 

This session will focus on how to build a good pitch and how to present it - fundamental points for an effective presentation and a good exposure that persuade your audience to believe in your project.

During this event Giuliana Borzillo, Brand Manager at ID.EIGHT will share her experience with pitching, and Davidson Leite, Head of Communications & Branding at Resortecs will show the pitch Resortecs' team uses and he will highlight the key points he believes every pitch should have. 

About Giuliana Borzillo: After graduating in Architecture - Industrial Design for Fashion - and a Masters in Fashion Design at Polimoda in Florence, I started working first as a Designer and then as a Product Manager for various companies. I have always had a great interest in sustainability and in particular in sustainable fashion and after a work experience - first in children's shoes and then in women's shoes - in "traditional" footwear companies I decided to start my own project together with my husband, who is a sneaker designer. Together we have often talked about the impact of the footwear product and we strongly felt the need for a change in the sector. Believing that we have the tools together to offer a different product, in line with what we believe are the principles of sustainability in the world of footwear, we decided to try to offer a line of sustainable sneakers. I am the Brand Manager of the project, called ID.EIGHT, so I am responsible for following the development of the brand at 360 degrees, from the commercial to the financial area up to marketing, but in particular I deal with the optimization towards a sustainable perspective of all company processes , from the production of shoes to logistics, shipments, materials, etc.

About Davidson Leite: Davidson Leite is Resortecs’ Head of Communications & Branding, managing not only the start-up's visibility strategy but also supporting brands such as Bershka, H&M, and Decathlon in communicating their efforts to become circular. Since 2015, Davidson has been running international PR & Digital Marketing projects in over 16 different countries across a variety of industries in Europe, North America, and South America.

This event will be hosted by Ingrid Willems from DataScouts.

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