S4Fashion - Policy Workshop

Event date: 2023-02-01T09:00:00+01:00

Location: Minnemeers 10 9000 Ghent Belgium

Designing Sustainable Fashion Policies and Programmes

Save the date for our S4Fashion Policy Workshop, taking place in the Industrie Museum in Ghent, on Wednesday, February 1st 2023 at 9:00 - 13:30 CET.

The S4Fashion Workshop will share best practices and methodologies from an overview of a selection of sustainable fashion support programmes in Europe. The workshop will present S4Fashion’s support programme, its methodology and tools produced by 5 different partners from 4 countries working with the top 25 European sustainable fashion startups. The workshop is open to policy makers, public officials and industry influencers from Belgium, connecting with business and fashion experts from S4Fashion’s network.  

The S4Fashion Policy Workshop will use hands-on tools to engage participants in exploring how to design sustainable fashion support programmes. Our goal is to enable public officials and policy makers to develop new policies and programmes for the sustainable and circular fashion and provide them access to the European market trends and successful programs.

The workshop will host keynote speeches by European Commission officials and members of the innovation and fashion industry from Belgium, Moldova, Greece, Spain.  and the European Creative Hubs Network.

The S4Fashion Policy Workshop is curated by S4Fashion, European sustainable  fashion project, connecting and empowering 25 transnational partnerships to work collaboratively for the creation of sustainability solutions for the fashion industry. S4Fashion is empowering small medium-sized enterprises to introduce new sustainable and circular economy products, services, methods, tools and business models for the fashion industry. We aim to identify and amplify the best and up to date practices for a greener fashion sector. The project, throughout its three year life cycle, will produce new evidence-based knowledge on sustainability and circular economy for the fashion industry and share its findings with the whole ecosystem of the European fashion community.